Why Implementing Microsoft Teams is an Absolute No-Brainer

You’ve heard of Microsoft Teams by now, but you’re probably cringing about yet another application to learn. Worse yet, you’re likely thinking it’s another application to unnecessarily distract your employees.

I’m going to tell you why you’re very wrong if you think that.

Teams is the most disruptive technology for the business world since email. It is especially intuitive, given its similarity to apps most employees already use in their personal lives. Unlike other legacy applications you’ve forced upon your employees over the years however, this one is heavily loaded with WIIFM (What’s in It for Me?). Implementation will be a breeze compared to those.

But what’s in it for you as the manager?

There is an incredible amount of WIIFM for you also. I’m only going to tell about one of the dozens of benefits for you in this article however, because I think it alone will be enough to convince you to immediately implement Teams. (I’ll follow up in the next few days/weeks with additional articles about the other awesome benefits.)

With Teams, you will have ALL of your organization's collaborative information at your fingertips (even on your mobile devices). You’ll eliminate ALL internal emails within your organization. Your organization’s internal email burden will disappear, but you’ll be better informed than ever. One or two taps on your mobile device and you can retrieve whatever information you desire.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but I used Teams heavily for a year and I’ve seen it firsthand. I was so impressed that I left my employer of 34 years so I could concentrate on helping managers get immediate return on the opportunities Teams provides. It isn’t often that such a revolutionary concept comes around.

Collaboration (discussions currently in email), and files (currently stored haphazardly on shared drives and poorly-implemented SharePoint sites), will be neatly and uniformly arranged by subject matter and all of it will be searchable from a SINGLE search box!

Emailed communications are currently stored by date or by sender, unless you manually move emails to subject folders. With Teams, all collaboration will be stored by subject matter from the beginning and you don’t have to lift a finger. That is a serious change of paradigm from a decades-old efficiency-killer. That change alone is what makes Teams so much better than what you’ve always done.

Let me say that again. All communications and files are neatly arranged by subject matter from the beginning and are searchable from a single search box!

Collaboration is collaboration, no matter if your business is generating electricity or lending money to home-buyers. Microsoft put their Lean Office practitioners and their coding engineers together and built Teams to cut the waste and frustration out of the way organizations currently do collaboration.

The momentum of Teams is such that you’ll have no choice in the near future anyway. Microsoft has announced they will be eliminating Skype for Business since Teams has all the same functionality and more.

Additionally, they have made Teams the hub that ties all the Office 365 tools together. You’ll soon be implementing Teams one way or the other unless your organization deserts Microsoft completely. That is how sure Microsoft is of their product. It is already the fastest-growing business application they have ever built and they’re already retiring other products to make way for it.

Employees can be up and running with Teams with less than four hours of orientation. Depending on the size of your organization, you can move from email, attachments, and shared drives to Teams in a week or two if you’re committed to implementation as the leader.

Why wait until you have no choice? Teams is ready for prime time right now. Early adoption of a sure thing is a no-brainer in my book.

I’ll be covering additional reasons for Teams adoption in the next few articles.

If I’ve piqued your interest, please email me at [email protected] to learn more.

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