We Help Increase Your Knowledge Workers' Daily Productive Time By An Hour Or More

by reducing the time it takes to effectively collaborate.

We help you leverage the Microsoft products you already have to wage war on:
*Email Overload *Chaotic Shared Drives
*Poorly Implemented SharePoints
*Inefficient Reporting Processes
*Employee Frustration, Burnout, & Errors

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The Problem

1990s-era technology and processes (Email, Attachments, Shared Drives, etc) are outdated and are crippling your organization.

Email inboxes are stuffed.

Files are randomly stored.

Employees are frustrated and overwhelmed.

You're losing money because they're not as efficient as they could be.

We've All Been There

We know what it's like to be in the hamster wheel of email management and the jungles of folders and files, haphazardly stored in dozens of locations.

We know from our own experiences that employees in such situations feel helpless, frustrated, and lack enthusiasm for their jobs.



We've Helped Solve Overwhelm for Over Twenty Years

Arnie Howes, our founder, has helped hundreds of work groups and organizations streamline their collaboration.

Our Simple Three-Step Framework will help you eliminate overwhelm, make information instantly find-able, and eliminate errors caused by 1990s technology and practices.

And, we'll help you do it in days or weeks, rather than months.

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"The one constant is Arnie's exceptional and unrelenting pursuit and achievement of excellence! He is awesome, and will forever be the go to!"

Drew Rankin
CEO, Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative

What The Next Few Years Look Like

The quantity of business emails, information, and files is going to continue increasing at an astounding rate. According to Forbes, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race!

Information chaos and employee frustration will continue to escalate if you do nothing.


But if You Act...

After we help you transform your organization, your employees will use far less energy managing information and spend more time performing the role-based tasks you pay them to do.

And...they'll be much happier.

You'll personally benefit because your organization will greatly outperform those still wallowing in information chaos.


Schedule a FREE 1-Hour Consultation Receive Monthly Cutting-Edge Content

Your Employees Will:

  • Have more time to do what you pay them to do
  • Have more control over their interactions
  • Experience less frustration and burnout
  • Make fewer errors due to mental fatigue
  • Handle little to NO internal departmental email
  • Have FAST, EASY, & INCREASED access to information, including organizational knowledge
  • Have ALL collaboration and most files searchable from a single search box
  • Pull information only when needed rather than "drinking from the firehose" of pushed emails and stuffed inboxes
  • Navigate to most collaborative information with fewer than three clicks, all in a single interface

What is the Three-Step Framework?

  1. Business Needs/Wants Assessment with Leader(s)
  2. Collaborative Efficiency Training (Including Rapid & Proper Implementation of Microsoft Teams/elimination of internal email)
  3. Proper Strategy/Implementation of Microsoft SharePoint
    (elimination of shared drives and other inefficient group practices, including poorly implemented SharePoint sites)

*While the framework is the same for all businesses, application of Teams/SharePoint is customized to EXACTLY meet unique business needs.
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"“I was immediately struck by Arnie’s skills in strategic thinking and problem solving for operational issues. He focuses on the process side and helps teams develop solutions that streamline processes and puts data at their fingertips…He’s able to work senior managers to understand goals and objectives and his communication skills allow him to work with teams to develop and implement solutions.”"

Paul Crimi
Executive Director, Power Generation Engineering, Progress Energy (retired)

Radically reduce the frustration of information chaos and email overload in your organization.

During this one-hour consultation, you'll learn how our Three-Step Collaboration Culture Change framework can help you quickly reduce time spent collaborating in your organization, while at the same time making knowledge and information more accessible. You'll come away with actionable improvement ideas, whether you book our services or not.

According to McKinsey Global Institute, only 39% of every interaction employee's day is spent on role-specific work because 61% is spent managing email, chasing information, and inefficiently collaborating.

Whether you'd rather have your employees spending more time on the shop floor or contacting potential customers, your business will benefit by reducing the time they spend wastefully staring at computer screens.

Our proven Three-Step framework will help you eliminate the churn so you can focus on what makes your business successful.

And...you will gain these efficiencies using the Microsoft Office 365 products you likely already have!

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