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Even if you have the best employees, you'll never maximize their effectiveness if they continue using decades-old technology and practices.


It's a fact – workgroups who waste little time managing internal collaboration and information serve customers better, quicker, and make more profit.
With Teams Quick Start, you'll quickly optimize your staff's internal workings and get real time coaching to make sure you're setting yourself up for maximum success.

  • Get coaching from someone who has guided hundreds of workgroup Teams
  • Finish with a Teams site and know you're doing it right
  • Do it all from your own office
  • Create a long-term strategy for developing the rest of your organization
  • Get 45 days of free access to our online Business-Driven 365 community for early implementation and adoption assistance

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Collaboration and Information should be easy and it should flow. Most companies suffer from information sprawl and employees are focused on managing information rather than making money. With the Teams Quick Start, you'll finally eliminate the information sprawl and get the profits you've been looking for.
Even though few organizations implement Teams well on their own, Forrester Research still found that organizations:
  • Save up to 25 minutes per employee daily
  • Reduce IT and HR support tickets by up to 15%
  • Reduce the chance of major security breaches
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Serve customers better
  • Reach decisions faster and more accurately
  • Experience better business outcomes
Imagine getting even better results than these when your Teams site is implemented using our lessons learned from hundreds of previous Teams launches!
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"One of our plant managers calls Arnie a rock star."

- Laura B.

"Arnie takes the complex and makes it simple."

- John H.
Vice President

"The one constant is Arnie's exceptional and unrelenting pursuit and achievement of excellence."

- Drew R.
Your Teams Quick Start Includes:
  • A Teams site exactly customized to match your unique management needs
  • Files, Channels, Tabs, Planner, and more organized in your new Teams site
  • Coaching for your leader, staff, and administrator to ensure long term success
  • Implementation/Adoption assistance
  • 45 days of administrator access to the Business-Driven 365 Online Community for Microsoft 365 assistance
  • And most importantly, development of in-house skills and a strategy for your entire organization
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