The Weight of Repetitive Tasks

I subscribe to the Seth Godin blog because he is a prolific writer and about every fifth article speaks right to my needs, wants, or business. His article today, entitled "The Weight of Repetitive Tasks," especially hit home. In it, he unwittingly proves my point of why improving repetitive office processes with Microsoft 365 is such a worthwhile endeavor.

You and your people are too valuable to waste time doing repetitive office and computing tasks. The value of taking the time to streamline and automate such repetitive tasks (no matter how small) is huge. The easy and high ROI of that one-time improvement effort over time is a no-brainer, yet most people just continue wasting repetitive time simply because it seems easier on the surface.

I suggest you go read that article right now. It will be the best-spent one minute of your work day.

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