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Arnie Howes spent over twenty years leading continuous improvement efforts at a Fortune 125 company. In doing so, he discovered that a high percentage of failures and improvement opportunities were couched in collaborative activities and could quickly be remedied with simple process changes and the right Microsoft collaborative application.

When he discovered SharePoint in 2004, and then more recently, Yammer and Teams, he knew he had found the magic bullets for fast and radical collaborative improvement.

After twenty years coaching managers, from local superintendents to Senior Vice Presidents, and at one time overseeing more than 300 SharePoint sites, he left that company to chart his own course.

He has led merger integration teams and initiative implementation in large organizations. He was certified in Kepner-Tregoe and Alamo and has led continuous improvement initiatives most of his career.

He has a master’s degree in business management but believes his most valuable knowledge and experience came from being down in the trenches learning about the challenges facing employees that are overwhelmed by email and cobbled-together collaborative processes.

His passion is leading rapid collaborative improvement where teamwork is streamlined and processes improved to the point that every affected employee gains 1-2 hours more per day for focus on highest-priority work.

Radical improvement can be achieved quickly in many cases using out-of-the-box Microsoft collaborative applications. Smaller companies, with flatter organizational structures, can often realize sizable improvements immediately.

He has found that larger organizations can experience immediate improvement in local workgroups. That quick success then creates a ripple effect that builds momentum across the organization, and therefore leads to large-scale improvement.

He partners with leaders of organizations to identify massive improvement opportunities that get results in days or weeks, rather than months...all with technology that likely already exists in those organizations (SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, Forms, etc.).

Initial consultations are always informative and free, and results are guaranteed. Contact him today!



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