Whether your Achilles heel is email overload, chaotic electronic file storage, a poorly-implemented SharePoint, or general non-stop informational churn in your office, one of our proven services below will help you solve the problem.

Your employees will be delighted because these offerings are heavy in "What's In It For Me?"

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Collaboration Culture Change

Our most comprehensive service, combining rapid implementation of SharePoint, Teams, and general collaborative efficiencies...all exactly customized to your unique business needs.

This offering combines the efficiencies of Teams and SharePoint while also teaching your employees how to be more efficient during their workdays on the computer.

Rapid Teams & SharePoint Deployment

Your employees know Word, Excel, and Outlook. To eliminate the informational churn and email overload caused by frequent and heavy use of those programs, you need proper implementation of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Without a well-designed Teams and SharePoint environment, your information and collaboration is random, unorganized, and subject to the whims of all employees.

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SharePoint Assessment & Rehabilitation

Have you already implemented SharePoint, but it's a mess? Did you implement without a strategy? Are you just using it as a pretty shared drive and everyone thinks it's a place where documents go to die?

We can assess your current state and work with you to develop a strategy to use SharePoint's incredible functionality to organize and streamline your information.

Outage Collaboration Optimization

If you are in the manufacturing or electric utility industry, you know there is nothing more collaborative than an outage.

Our proven techniques are a perfect match for ensuring your outages are well-run because your project managers are able to spend more time focusing on shop-floor issues rather than collaboration and file management.

2-Day Executive/Manager Personal Cyber-Optimization

You got to your current level by making good decisions and showing good judgement. You probably didn't get there because of your computer skills.

Yet, you spend much of every day on your computer. Shouldn't you optimize that time and reduce your frustration by letting us streamline your personal computer methodology and environment?

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No, you don't have to endure email overload and information chaos.

Microsoft has made it easy to collaborate in ways that never could have been imagined decades ago when email, attachments, and shared drives were first introduced.

We're the experts on rapidly deploying Microsoft's collaborative tools (SharePoint & Teams) in ways that are exactly customized to your unique business needs.

Contact us for a free, no obligation, 1-hour consultation to discuss how it is possible to free you or your organization from the tyranny of out-of-control information.

You'll come away with actionable improvement ideas, whether you book our services or not.


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