Cut Thirty Minutes from Every Workday

Most executives and managers work at least 30 minutes more than they have to each day, simply because they and their organizations do not leverage the technology they're already paying for.

Receive a full day of personal executive technology coaching while you work and then pay only what you think it was worth.

That’s right. I’m so convinced I can help you save thirty minutes or more a day that I’ll let you decide what (or if) to pay me later.

I know that sounds risky on my part (and maybe even a bit overconfident), but there’s a reason I operate this way. It’s because it works.

I’ve found the best way to acquire business is to simply demonstrate this value in action without risk or obligation. That’s much easier than asking already-busy leaders to sit through a presentation on theory and methods.

Here are some of the long-term improvements you stand to gain during that day:

  • An immediate reduction of time required to manage email
  • Easily remembered tricks to streamline your activities in Outlook
  • A reduction in the number of clicks, decisions, and searches it takes to get to your most frequently needed information
  • Additional personal and workgroup solutions that can be implemented in minutes
  • And…we'll accomplish all of this with minimal negative impact to your productivity during that day

A few days later, I’ll also send you a road map with additional prioritized improvement recommendations using the Microsoft 365 platform you already have. Many of these suggested improvements will help you streamline collaboration for your entire organization. (These are the real value!)
Case Study 1 | Case Study 2

And, there won’t be an invoice with the report. Just send payment for the amount you think the benefits warrant. If you don't think the benefits are worth payment, no hard feelings...I told you it was a no-risk offer!

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