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Regain Control of Your Business

If you don’t take business control of Microsoft Teams in your company, employees can waste up to 50% of every workday.
When you leverage Teams using the Business-Driven 365 approach, wasted time decreases substantially and revenue increases.

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Guide the structuring of Teams to exactly match and facilitate your processes.
Watch efficiency skyrocket.

Transformation isn't caused by good training.

It's caused by good Teams leadership.

How Much is your non-business-driven Teams environment costing you?

Most leaders struggle more than ever to coordinate their workforces because they have not aligned Teams to their management processes.
When your Teams environment hasn't been customized to exactly match your processes...

  • Employees experience chaos in their computing environment
  • Your business objectives are lost in the informational noise
  • Employees don't have enough time to focus on their highest priority tasks
  • Information is stored in too many locations and apps
  • Employees spend too much time managing email 
  • Employees spend too much time looking for information
Collaboration and Information should be easy and it should flow. Most companies suffer from information sprawl and employees are focused on managing information rather than making money. Learn the Business-Driven 365 Approach and you'll finally get the profits you've been looking for.
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An Entire Business Operating System Using the Technology You Already Have

Embed your company vision, mission, goals, tracking, and more in Teams, right in front of your employees every day...with no additional monthly cost!


Download the Free PDF

Want to learn more about how to use the Business-Driven 365 Approach to solve your perennial business problems?
This quick-to-read PDF will get your wheels turning and motivate you to leverage Teams and Microsoft 365 properly to transform your business, regardless of the size of your organization.

Perfect for: Anyone who is curious how to turn their underperforming Teams environment into a business improvement marvel, whether as an executive, small-to-midsize business owner, or mid-level manager in a large corporation.

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2. Watch the Free On-Demand Management Course

Want to develop your Teams strategy and create your own high-level Business-Driven 365 plan that begins your business transformation?
Learn the BD365 Approach at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office…and do it completely free of charge.
In this online course, I will show you how the standard approaches to rolling out Teams and Microsoft 365 always underperform or fail, and the simple adjustments you can make to ensure huge success without breaking the bank. You’ll learn not only the three essential tasks that must be performed for success, but you’ll get a downloadable worksheet to use as your roadmap.

Perfect for: Business Owners, Executives, and mid-level managers who are disappointed with their current Teams and Microsoft 365 experience or those who have not yet begun leveraging the incredible power of Teams and Microsoft 365.

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3. Take the Free Microsoft 365 Power User Course

Want to become the Teams & Microsoft 365 expert in your organization and lead improvement?
By the end of this course, you'll know what's possible with Teams and Microsoft 365. By acting on the recommendations in this course, you'll become recognized as the person who sparked radical improvement in your organization!

Perfect for: Employees looking to move up in their organization and managers/employees who are simply tired of information & collaboration chaos.

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4. Take the In-Depth BD365 "Leader" Course

Want to learn even more about this simple method of transforming your business?
You'll not only develop your BD365 strategic plan, but also:

   • Develop your own in-house BD365 Leader who can not only serve as the guru guiding your organization through implementation or revitalization, but also serve as a continuous improvement leader to keep your organization on top of the game through future process and technology changes

   • Learn from the successes of the hundreds of organizations I’ve worked with over the past 25 years or more

   • Learn from the "post-mortems" I've done when called upon to troubleshoot

This in-depth course has two parts. First, there is a short section that teaches you how to get even more success as a leader. Second, there is a very detailed section for your in-house BD365 Leader, whether you serve in that role or delegate that role to a trusted employee.
This course is guaranteed to get you success or I’ll return your entire course fee.

Perfect for: Anyone who takes the free course but wants to dig deeper for larger (and guaranteed) success. This course works for any size organization; however, positive results can be noticed within days by small-to-midsize businesses or departments with five to 500 employees.

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5. Join the BD365 Community

Want to have more than 30 years of experience "on speed dial" while also learning from others who are implementing Business-Driven 365?
The new BD365 Community has instructional articles and videos and gives you a place to ask questions about solving your unique informational, collaborative, and management process questions. It is a perfect companion for Options #2 and #3 above.
It is a new community with growing content, so the price of admission won’t stay this low forever!

Perfect for: Executives, Business Owners, and mid-level managers and their appointed BD365 Leaders who want in-house sustainability and ensured success and continuous improvement down the road.

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"One of our plant managers calls Arnie a rock star."

- Laura B.

"Arnie takes the complex and makes it simple."

- John H.
Vice President

"The one constant is Arnie's exceptional and unrelenting pursuit and achievement of excellence."

- Drew R.

Don't have the time or resources to Do It Yourself?
Here are 3 ways you can enlist our help to get
radical results this quarter!

1. Book a BD365 Teams Quick Start

Don’t have time to wait for in-house expertise to grow?
Do you want (almost) instant improvement in your Leadership Team? The BD365 Teams Quick Start may be for you.
Whether in-person or virtual, I’ll lead you through the BD365 process. Your informational, collaborative, and managerial processes will begin improving within days.

More importantly however, you or your in-house 365 Power User will develop an organizational improvement strategy and learn enough to replicate the process throughout the rest of your organization. The immediate benefit is turnkey improvement in the Leadership Team, but the long term benefit is an organization that thrives.

Perfect for: Leaders who want to experience fast improvement but who don’t have the resources, time, or patience to apply the BD365 Approach on their own.

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2. Install 
Business System 365

Would you like a “turnkey” executive management system that streamlines your most important executive management tasks and rolls them into your Leadership Teams site?
Imagine your long-term goals, short-term goals, metrics, issues, opportunities, and tasks all tied together and manageable within the Teams interface!
This vital information is often hidden in the shadows on a network, in disparate and confusing files, and nearly impossible to manage. Business System 365 makes managing the executive duties of your organization easy for everyone on the Leadership Team because everything is simplified and rolled into your Leadership Teams site. The System is also compatible with EOS®

Perfect for: Executives, business owners, and mid-level managers who feel they’ve lost control of their businesses, or who have the gut feeling they are not managing their executive duties as well as they could be.

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3. Consulting Assistance

With more than thirty years of business management consulting experience, I've likely seen multiple situations like yours.

There is no charge for an initial 1-2 hour consultation. Even if you don't decide to move forward with a consulting experience, I'll make sure you leave our discussion with actionable steps.

This discussion is not a sales pitch. I simply listen and then suggest possible solutions. If the solutions are attractive enough to you, you'll tell me. If not, then we've both only invested an hour or two!

Perfect for: Executives, business owners, and mid-level managers who don't have sufficient in-house resources or who want improvement faster than they can get by learning BD365 and doing it in-house.

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