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It's Never Been Easier to Conduct Your Business

Business System 365


 Get your entire staff and organization coordinated and working in the same direction without buying expensive software.


Long & Short-Term Goals, Metrics, Issues, Opportunities, Tasks, Roles, and more

-aggregated onto-
efficient and consistent Microsoft SharePoint dashboards


Aligns well with EOS® The Entrepreneurial Operating System®

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Your staff and workforce should not be unfocused or confused.

  • My team isn’t on the same page
  • My team lacks direction and certainty
  • I have great ideas but can’t communicate them well
  • My staff isn’t focused on the important things
  • We don’t collaborate well
  • We spend our time chasing information rather than adding value for our customers

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We build it in your existing
Microsoft 365 environment.


You insert your
Vision, Mission, Goals, Issues, Opportunities, Roles, and more.

Your Team uses the Dashboards and transformation happens.

Does your Leadership Team and Workforce work toward a common vision and goals?


Business System 365 helps you clarify and document your executive vision and business plan, keeps that evolving plan in front of your staff and the entire workforce, and helps hold employees accountable for carrying out that plan.

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What You Get

Interactive SharePoint Dashboards
  • SharePoint-based Intranet home page as easy to edit as social media
  • Vision & Roadmap for attention-getting placement in all Microsoft Teams sites
  • Annual, Quarterly, and Weekly Meetings pre-populated with agenda and all pertinent up-to-date meeting information
  • Meeting Pre-Work where staff can update all their information from a single page
  • Business System 365 Quick Start for getting started the first day

Easy-to-Edit SharePoint Lists & Entry Forms
  • Long and Short Term Goals (Rocks)
  • Issues & Opportunities
  • Task Management
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