Upward Reporting Should Not Cost Time and Energy

We help organizations reduce time and effort associated with upward reporting by more than 50% while radically improving the usefulness of the report.

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Is your reporting process wasteful?

Your employees are good at running your operations, but your reporting process may be keeping them from spending more time doing their jobs...especially if your process is email-centric.

A copy & paste hamster wheel?

Additionally, your mid-level managers should never have to spend time copying & pasting information from others to build reports for you.

Improve in as little as one month!

We have more than 25 years' experience helping organizations streamline upward reporting using the Microsoft tools they already have.

Our reporting process in action:
Case Study #1 | Case Study #2

"Arnie is able to work with senior managers to understand goals and objectives. His communication skills allow him to work with teams to develop and implement effective solutions."

Paul Crimi
Executive Director, Power Generation Engineering, Progress Energy (retired)

Learn how to radically streamline your upward reporting process.

Within weeks, your process can be transformed from one of copying and pasting emails and Word documents to one of mobile-friendly, browser-based, and research-able reports using the Microsoft products you already have.

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